Friday, 29 June 2012

20mth word bank

Cast - 20mth old

My youngest of three just refuses to talk.  He is 20mth, and should (according to the scary health nurse) have 50 words by now.  20mth old has just seven words.  Why should he talk when he has four adults in the house that respond to 'ugghhh' and a point in the general vicinity, then whinges follow until the right object is provided!
I have tried very hard to sabotage situations, to have them foiled by another family member - such as setting desired items just out of reach, 20mth old has to attempt to verbalize, and then someone walking past will give it to him oblivious of the training he is undergoing!  I have put tiny teddies in containers, to get 20mth old to say 'open' (which I did hear him say once), but he simply refuses and leaves the biscuits - obviously not hungry enough!

Happily, since we arrived in Tasmania - he has improved, life on a hobby farm is reflected through his new sounds.  If I ask him what sound a dog makes, he makes a 'uff, uff' sound.  He meows for the cat, moos for the cow, says 'berrrrr, berrrrrr' to imitate the chickens and 'brum, brum' for the tractor!  These sounds are now added to his communication repertoire of; 'moon, up, apple, more, cheese, bubbles, bye-bye'!


  1. Remember Einstein didn't talk till he was 3 years old (I think)...........and maybe you should all 'wait him out' for words :)

  2. You are so right! Waiting out is very difficult when he will just give up instead of trying...I am using edibles for approximations of words LOL! Comforting to know about Einstein, I think one day he will just talk and we won't get him to stop! :)

  3. Yes then you will regret the day you wished he was talking more. Trouble is you and me (for Jack) are just too conditioned to look for 'differences'. See if he will learn to sing........he may prefer that.

  4. He won't sing, but he will hum - like the Alpacas LOL! I was very happy today, we had a play-date at our house and when the kids left he said 'bye-bye' very clearly! :) He also said his sister's name three times yesterday, although that was prompted. Of course 'bye-bye' is socially prompted, but I am counting that as his eighth word :)

  5. It doesn't matter, any words count and if they aren't words just pretend they are lol