Thursday, 20 September 2012

Alpaca 'kisses' (and pregnancy worries).

Cast - 15y.old son
Starring - Hamish & Sherman, Vodka & Malibu

15y.old son has been helping me with the Apacas, and has been giving them their treat buckets and building a rapport with them.  Initially the boys were quite startled by this 6ft plus giant in their pen, and wouldn't go near him.  After persisting for a couple of days (and they are very greedy!), they have allowed 15y.o to hold their buckets whilst they eat.
Although I didn't manage to catch it on the photos, Sherman (Brown) gave 15y.o a couple of kisses on the forehead!
(Sherman) Pucker up!

(Hamish) keep bringing buckets and I love you too
Then I was lucky enough (?) to receive a couple of kisses from pregnant Vodka!!  I am always wary of her getting so close to me as she is a known spitter - but I held my ground and kept still, to (suffer) receive two kisses on my cheek and ear!  She then casually looked away as if nothing had happened, as if it was her intention to whisper sweet nothings in my ear (or tell me a secret about Lucky).  I was just grateful that I hadn't ended up with an ear full of green bile!
Voddy is the size of a bus, and never having kept Alpaca's before, I'm not sure if she should be this big with three months to go!  Malibu is also supposed to be pregnant, but she is hardly showing and is nowhere near the size of Vodka! Both girls are rescue animals, and as such haven't been shorn for two years (all of the Alpacas will be shorn (and given their shots) in November), so there is two years of fleece on each of the poor girls.   I can't wait until the Alpaca woman comes tomorrow (with Acua), to give her opinion on the girls.  It is scary to read other Alpaca blogs, everyone in the UK/US is having/had cria, is so confident, in control and I just don't know what to expect.  
Wet from last night's rain...her body condition score is between 3 (perfect) and 4 (overweight) is that OK for a pregnant 'Paca?
3 mths to go or having three cria (LOL) or has been eating for everyone or carrying so much fleece?????
I am a bit worried if something goes wrong, so I will have a medical bag prepared, and will have a vet lined up.  I have about a million questions, but as they are all hypothetical 'what if's', I guess I am better just to wait and see (and not sress!!) - think positive - Vodka could give birth and it will all be ok!?  Boo might be pregnant or just be having a small cria, or be three months behind Voddy??  I haven't got any males besides the two baby boys, so I can't do any spit-offs.  Hmmm...the waiting game...

 I am actually looking forward to next year when I have more control over this process, I will know (approx) which and when girls are due as I will have mated them all with Eclipse in January, can conduct spit-offs, re-mate as necessary etc


  1. Ooh so many questions! I'm sure everything will be fine. You sound just like a new mum! Ha! They are in great hands, and even though everyone else 'seems' fine across the waters, you never know if they too have gone through the exact same thing and still do! You can only do your best, enjoy their pregnancies with them, and stop worrying. Sounds like you have everyone on hand you'll need, and even Voddy gave you two kisses for reassurance. The sweet nothings she was going to whisper was this.. "stop worrying Mum, we'll be fine" Lol. Jacqui

  2. Hehe, thanks for that! I am trying not to stress about the things I can't control - I'm sure Voddy will be ok (although I don't think she will last until December - but then a cria is pretty big!) - I can't wait, it will be a great Xmas present! :)

  3. I have mixed feelings every time it is cria season. I love the babies :) but the birthing, I hope and pray that mom knows what she's doing! Thankfully my husband has been home and assisted with any issue, up until this year. Year 5 of having alpacas and it was the first time a birthing issue was up to me! I'd witnessed a couple interventions by my husband but I admit a few times I thought I was going to lose it. Thankfully nature often has a way of coming to the rescue. The girl I helped was open to my help and together (along with my 10 year old son) we rearranged a cria so he could be born. You never know what you are capable of until you are there :)

    Never fear calling out to a fellow alpaca farmer, via phone or internet. We are never far away.

    I say it can be very normal for one girl to show a lot and another not show her pregnancy much. But I would also ask if you are sure of their breeding dates. If not 100% sure, just make sure you are ready early just in case.


  4. Thanks Cara, I really appreciate your comment :) I had another beautiful girl dropped over yesterday, and the breeder had a look at the girls for me and said pretty much the same as you have. She said to watch for the cria to drop (pretty much the same as with us!), and that until then we shouldn't have an unexpected birth.

    My Husband is a nurse, so I think he will come into his own (although he reminds me that he hasn't done midwifery!).