Thursday, 20 September 2012

Keeping fit!

Cast - 23mths
A leg lift?
Just a quick one...23mths is an avid watcher of aerobics!  He sits down when he hears it on in the morning, and toddles around for 45mins, sometimes getting in the way and sometimes trying to participate.  
He laughs at lot (probably at me contorted and moaning in some position).  He also passes me my towel and gives me a commiseratory pat on the back as I exhale too loudly during ab work!
But my arm goes this way!
This morning I was able to catch him joining in the 'cool down' in his PJ's.  He just loves Jillian Michaels and often looks at his own navel once he has contemplated hers LOL!
Oh, you mean this way?

When will my Abs look like that?

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