Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A visit to the museum/art gallery Launceston

Cast - Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter, 15y.o Son, 23mth old Son
Starring - Grandma and Granddad
Granddad and 23mths at the Museum
School holidays warranted a trip to the local museum and art gallery, and we were able to entice the grandparents along.  We drove into town (Launceston), armed with 23mth's pram and not much confidence that he would stay in it very long!

First off, as any parent does, it was a game of chasey up and down the grass outside to try and burn off some of his energy. Then, it was a QUICK look around LOL.
Grandma and Granddad in the 'tunnel of terror'
Grandma, 23mths and Daughter - more trains...
and yet more trains...
Happily we found a 'hands-on' area (a bit like SciTech in Perth) and 23mths was fascinated with learning about magnetic engines due to a Thomas train set-up.
It's Thomas - hello Thomas!

The three kids - Daughter getting a workout to keep Thomas going.

We took a different way home from town, and look what was crossing the road...

A rafter of Turkeys!  The noise was so loud.  I had to laugh when Daughter went out to take a photo, and they all 'frilled' up and 'gobbled' at her.  They belong to a turkey farm, and when we looked through the fence, the turkeys were starting a fight with a few peacocks!

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