Monday, 17 September 2012

A visit to Weymouth beach

Cast - Me (Mum), Husband, 18y.o Daughter, 15y.o Son, 23mth old Son.
Daughter & 23mths - Weymouth Beach
It is school holidays, and I thought we would take a trip to the beach.  You can imagine that this is not very exciting for the older two kids, they have been bought up by the beach, but I wanted to see what Weymouth was like and to show 23mths.

Weymouth is our nearest beach (60km out of Launceston), it took us 25min to drive there, through some beautiful countryside.  It was a beautiful, sunny day but there was a cold wind - luckily I talked the two teens into taking their jackets - it was freezing on the beach!
Lots of shells and pebbles to look at
Lots of volcanic rock
Lots of drawing in the sand

23mths had a ball - once he realised that he wasn't going in the water.  The other two also enjoyed the couple of hours that we spent there.  The beach was pristine - and there was no-one else around.  The town has a small permanent population, offers some accommodation and has a 'seasonal' shop.  It reminded me of Rottnest Island in Perth.
Heading for the water...
Heading up the dunes...

Then 23mths started to get grumpy and tired so we headed home.  Husband was sad that he missed out, so after the camping expedition on Saturday night, I took him and 23mths to Weymouth early on Sunday morning.
At the beach with Daddy

It was a cloudy day, but not as windy.  23mths enjoyed smashing down the sandcastles that his Dad built.


  1. Ooh some lovely photos there! Looks like you're all having a great time! Our old 'local' beach was at Weymouth (back in the UK). I thought for a split second you had caught the long flight to England! Hey, its still early! Kudos to you all - Jacqui

  2. LOL, our old local beach in UK was Blackpool (albeit miles away from where we lived)! I think that any beach is better!! :)