Sunday, 16 September 2012

Camping on the farm!

Cast - Husband, 15y.o Son (with a breakfast visit from 23mths)

15y.o decided that he would like to camp, so Husband became enthused and they both decided to camp up in the back paddock (all the mod-cons just five minutes away!).  I was requested to purchase the necessary camping edibles; sausages, marshmellows and cheezels - which I did, and on Saturday afternoon the camp was set-up.

Just up from the tractor/wood shed...
Up in the back paddock...
Not too far away (LOL)!
Once the camp was set-up, Husband and 15y.o in an extreme act of kindness, decided that they would join me in the house for a movie and popcorn so that I wouldn't be alone that night (Daughter was at work).  Then, at 10pm, when the movie was over (and popcorn eaten), they trudged up to the tents (it was freezing!!).

I have forgotten to mention that whilst this camping expedition was being undertaken, 15y.o was also busy building a forge to try and melt some metal to make a knife.  This involved a small brick oven being built and the use of the blower to fan the flames and create increased heat.  There was many request during the day for metal (fence wire, hangers, metal sheeting) and he finally settled on some old railway pins that he found up at the track.  I heard the next day, that Husband and 15y.o were out until 11pm, trudging up and down the railway track looking for spare bits of track/metal!

During the night, our old cat Rastas, decided that he wanted to camp too.  Husband is allergic to cats, so he wasn't allowed in the tents - but that didn't stop him from trying.  Apparently he kept 15y.o up from 3am.

At 6am, 23mths and I were getting a cup of tea, when in came 15y.o to say hello.  He had woken Husband up at 5.30 to request the lighter and start the fire.  I gave him tea/cups and milk ad sent him back to the 'campsite'.  Half an hour later, with 23mths still in his PJ's, we went up to see how they were getting on with breakfast.  Well, eggs were cooking and the cat was waiting for a bite of sausage.  Husband looked shattered, but was hanging in there with a cup of tea.  23mths wanted to join in with everything...

Husband - 'Am I awake?'

Rastas and 23mths - found the cheezels!

'But I want to eat the whole box!!!'

Distracted - looking for...??
How did Daddy fit in here?
Next time I am camping!
Then we left the men-folk to clean up and pack away.  Needless to say, it was an early night last night :)

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