Friday, 14 September 2012

Alpacas in the garden.

Cast - Vodka, Malibu, KayJay, Lucky, Sherman and Hamish
Vodka, wondering why the gate to the garden is open!
It is not often anyone will see a sight like this - well, not where I have come from, and not what I have seen around here!  We thought the grass in the back garden needed a bit of a mow, so we invited the Alpaca's in for a munch.

They walked in and had a look around, the swing set, slide, and 23mths' toys were all very interesting!

We kept a careful eye on them from the deck, to make sure they weren't silly and ate anything poisonous.  Hamish, Sherman and Boo liked the rose leaves, which is good as I want to get rid of the rose bushes.  They were so well behaved and relaxed - it was nice to just sit and watch them 'mow' the garden.  (They even went outside to their toilet in the paddock!)

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