Monday, 10 September 2012

Spring in the garden.

 Cast - 23mths
As we have only recently moved here, this is our first Spring, and I wasn't sure what to expect from our (very) overgrown cottage garden.  I have pulled out lots of plants, and cut many things back.  I am pleased that all of our fruiting trees are starting to flower.

I have been working on the garden as much as possible, which is really tricky with a toddler, creeks, springs and large areas where I have to keep a constant eye on him.  Yesterday I was weeding and 23mths was 'helping', then he found a friend...

After a chat about slugs, I relocated 23mths' friend, and distracted him with a garden fork.  He then stalked the cat with it for the next ten minutes and I was able to take some photos of the garden.  Everything grows much faster here than in Perth, obviously because of the rainfall - and this includes the weeds!

In the front garden

On the way up to the Tractor/wood shed.
Down to the little bridge
In the front garden

In the back garden

Tomorrow, Son and I ( holidays!) are weeding the vegie patch, and bringing up some old tyres that we found in the paddock.  We plan to grow potatoes in layers in the tyres.  We are also going to set up some raised vegie beds, to stop the myriad of veg 'pinchers' that lurk around the farm at night-time.

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