Monday, 10 September 2012

When we came back...

Cast - Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter & 15y.o Son
Starring - Hamish, Sherman & Kayjay

The Alpacas were very happy to see us (more so the buckets of chaff that we had). 

Hamish was so happy, he couldn't get his head out of the bucket! Sherman looked on with certain distaste at his mates' disgusting eating manners!

Daughter, Son and I took the three Alpacas for a walk, down through two paddocks and out onto the road.  It was the first time that Son had walked Hamish, but Hamish is so good now he knows what is expected of him (he is smart and 'jogs' down the paddock to get it over with!).  I wasn't sure how Son would go with Hamish, after all, Son is over 6ft and I thought Hamish might be a bit daunted - but they did very well!
Hamish - 'We're supposed to go that way.'

KayJay - 'I don't want to go!'

This was the first time out of the paddocks for KayJay.  She usually gets away with haltering/walking, as usually there is only Daughter and I.  KayJay had her first experience out on the road, she wasn't too impressed and kept trying to pull me back to the paddock gate.  The boys however, are old pros now!

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