Thursday, 6 September 2012

A long weekend in Hobart - Day 3

Cast - Me (Mum), Husband, 18y.o Daughter, 15y.o Son & 23mth old Son
Town Hall
The next day started off with a lovely cooked breakfast and 15y.o stuffing extra muffins into his jacket pockets (!).

 We went back to our respective hotel rooms and packed up to check-out early.  Our room was pristine, so I went to check the teens' was as bad as their bedrooms!  I ordered Daughter to wash and empty the sink (they had used everything in the cupboard - but we ate out every meal?!), Son to place all of the wet towels in the bath (that were draped over chairs, the lounge and on the floor) and then make sure that everything was packed into bags.  Finally we checked out, and headed into the city for some shopping before we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Now that I have pressed one, I want to press EVERY SINGLE one that I see!
Whilst the teens went off shopping, Husband and I did a little ourselves but spent most of our time amusing 23mths!

And pretty soon it was off to the botanic gardens...

 A quick look at Pete's Vegie Patch...

 and then we headed for home.  Thankfully the full morning had worn out 23mths, and after enduring only a few songs from playschool, he passed out and we all enjoyed our quiet trip home :)

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