Friday, 9 August 2013

A sad goodbye.

It was a very sad weekend, last weekend...I finally made the decision to have our old cat Rastas put to sleep.  Rastas was 17 years, and had 'survived' the 'attentions' of three children, a few dogs and cats, and an interstate move last year.

He was purchased from a farm in WA, the runt of a litter, and was the most placid and relaxed cat one could wish for.  At different stages of his life he had his white paws coloured in black (over-zealous colouring by the then, 3yo daughter), was put in a plastic bag and taken 'shopping' (by over-enthusiastic then 4yo son), and recently forced into the sand pit and covered in sand by 2yo son!

I was so happy that Rastas was able to spend his last year back on a farm, with the ability to go where he pleased.  His last few months were spent traveling from one side of the house (laundry room = B&B) to the other (deck = sunshine).  He had developed arthritis and was deaf...but the last week his eyesight was failing terribly and he started bumping into everything (I was worried he would fall off the deck). 

Rastas never complained, scratched or bit over his entire 17 years, he was such a beautiful, good cat that it broke my heart to take him to the vet.  He deserves much more than a few paragraphs, but I am afraid it is all I can manage.   Why is the best thing to do, the hardest?  So, it is that we bought him back home to bury him in his favourite sunny spot on the garden.  He will be so greatly missed :(


  1. Poor Rastas. He's had a great life with you and the family Lisa, but like all pets, they rely on you to make the decision when you judge that it's time. You'll all have great memories - and photos -and you'll be able to say "Hello" when you walk past his favourite place in the garden. We know just exactly how you must be feeling at the moment. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. So sorry Lisa. We too had to make the same difficult decision for our beloved Sam (who loved being with the alpacas) when he lost his sight. Despite knowing it is the only kind choice it is a sad one. I am sure you will remember him fondly without feeling sad in time, as we do now. RIP Rasta you handsome boy. Xx

  3. Very, Very sorry Lisa - sounds very much like my Smudge who is no longer with us.
    It is a very difficult decision even when it is the best one.
    A very special cat xxx

  4. Yes Lisa, we've all had to make those horrible decisions and it's never easy even though we know that we'd only delay it for our benefit. Rastas looks a true character who will live on in your family memories forever. Big hugs from LGM xx

  5. So sorry Lisa, I know this kind of decision is the hardest. Rastas has a great life I am sure . So very hard to say goodbye.

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind comments :) Made a difficult time a little easier :)

  7. Yes very sad indeed Lisa, I love the photo of him on the deck in the sun, that's how I remember him, lying in the sun, he would always come & say hello to me & then back to lying in the sun, we also found it extremely hard when we put Rusty to sleep, also 17 yrs old with failing eyesight, going deaf & with a nervous disorder but it is the best thing to do for them,thinking of you all, love Janine xx

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