Sunday, 28 July 2013

Update 2 (alpaca news)

Melony 7mths
So...having put the wean(ers)lings in a seperate paddock, the girls all down in the end paddocks, and the boys in between..everyone has been coping and behaving well. 

The new alpacas all received their injections and there were a few nails to trim...and hubby decided that the pen HAD to be he split the big pen into three sections and WOW what a difference! Not only is it easier to catch the 'paca (no 'washing machine effect' now), but the 'paca in question is much more calm :) YAY!
Two smaller pens within the big pen with a gate that swings to close off either small pen :)

The cria in the shed
The four cria (Adlin, Melony, Tegan and Poppy) have all stopped crying for their Mum's and actually are behaving much better!! They share a big bucket between them and actually like going in the shed (originally built for the boys).  Their halter training is so much easier, it's hard to believe that they are the same cria! I have learnt that so much of their behaviour was based on their Mum's behaviour with us!

I can just show the cria their halter and they actually stand still whilst I put them on! Even Tegan, who I had a lot of trouble with (rearing), has now settled and walks beautifully! I really don't want to put them back in with the Mum's in a few months!!!!
Adlin (beautiful boy!)

Adlin, Poppy and Melony


Hubby with Tegan
I know they are not the cleanest of 'pacas...I have no idea how to keep them clean when they frolic in the mud (Yes, we have had rain!!) and then roll in the hay. Please forgive the 'bits' in the next two photos...I took them by myself - single handed :)
Not a very good shot of Tegan's fawn fleece
A better shot of Adlin's crimpy, soft and very dense fleece :)


  1. Lovely cria, nice 2 part update..

  2. It is so much easier dealing with alpacas in small areas isn't it. It seems that they just know that they may as well give in. Love the halter training photos!

  3. Agree about the pen within the pen! Lovely photo of Melony Shirley & Robbie

  4. We too use a small pen, the more we get squashed in...the easier the task in question! They are just so much more chilled out in a crowd...well, as long as you exclude the odd trouble maker!

  5. Your halter training is going way better than mine!!

  6. It's good to hear about halter training on the other side of the world at this time of year!