Sunday, 28 July 2013

Update 1 (no alpaca)

2y old as Mr Potato Head
Hello :) Sorry that I had been at bit slack at blogging...I am attending a weekly parent course (Speech Therapy) with (and without) 2y.old.  He is doing really well and is now up to par with his words and speech development :) 

Needless to say that it has been quite intensive, with weekly videoing of myself and 2y old then critically analysed by a group of parents and speechies!  There were many times of course, when 2y old was simply non-compliant and a video of him chatting about bubble blowing went sadly downhill as he poured the bubble mixture all over the speechie's floor..or just REFUSED to talk hhmmmmmmm! Anyway, he is still alive...LOL!

Then, Hubby and I went to Melbourne to see P!nk in concert!! WooHoo! We stayed just overnight, but we did fly out early in the morning, spend the whole day in Melbourne (walking around for five hours), see the concert and then spend the whole of the next day in Melbourne before flying home that night.

Chinatown - Melbourne
Just a quick drink before the show...

The concert was just AWESOME! We were right up at the front...well worth the time and effort :)

It was also Granddads 60th birthday, but sadly I lost all of the photos! We had an afternoon tea that ended up at the restaurant for dinner :) Everyone had a good time, and 2y old behaved himself :)

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