Sunday, 18 August 2013


The creek
After a drought through summer and terrible bushfires, we are now averaging 180mm of rain DAILY for the wettest August recorded here! It has been torrential, the creeks in the paddocks have overflown and we now have rivers! 

Over and out of the creek and into the paddock!
The alpacas refuse to go into their dry, warm shelters with lovely hay...instead they sit in the rain and howling winds!!
oh, what's this??? SUN!!

A short reprieve
We have had to check them daily, as I am worried about their nails splitting as the paddocks have basically turned into bog..even the top of the hills are bog!! We have been feeding the weanlings daily, and at least they stay in their shed to eat...but then they are back out in the weather!!  We have had three dry days in three weeks!!
Stranded! The boys on the other side of the 'river', the creek is running behind them!

The view from the house


  1. That is a lot of rain!
    Is it cold as well?

  2. Poor you, you have had it all this year. It is strange as normally our alpacas run to their shelters on the first drop of rain. But it seems after a very hot summer they are less inclined to be bothered about summer rain and have taken to staying out. Winter, cold rain will be a different matter I am sure!

  3. There is no accounting for the 'pacas behaviour sometimes - when you think they will come in, they stay out and vice versa. One thing is for sure - if they were not happy being out, they would soon come in so don't worry! Stay dry. Shirley & Robbie

  4. We could do with a bit of that wet stuff over here! Everywhere is very dry and any rain we get immediately dries up as it is followed by hot sun! Our girls run into their shelters as soon as they feel rain on their backs, but the boys will often hang around outside in light rain. Hope you all dry out soon!