Sunday, 25 August 2013

This week in pictures...

A spot of gardening...clearing out the raised veg beds ready for spring planting
Taking hay and bucket feeds down to the girls...on 'Mummy's tractor' (guess who gets to ride on Mummy's knee?)

Then there was big brother's birthday (who incidentally LOVES chocolate bullets)
(Just let me help you unwrap that...)
"WooHoo' (and the(tiny piece of) cake kicks in...)
Went to see Playschool in concert for a bit of a sing-along...

But watching the cria in the garden was even better...
Practicing culinary expertise...

and training to be the next Ian Thorpe....
(Meanwhile...The stud in the paddock...)
Just so manly...(note Sherman in the background with his tail flipped over at the mere sight of manly Eclipse...)

Block splitting wood for next winter(in between showers of rain and in a soggy paddock)

Wood wall in the boys' paddocks
(Mostly) pregnant girls...
'What? No bucket? Then come no closer!' (snorts of disgust can be 'seen')


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Don't know how you manage to keep your trees standing - my young boys insist on walking all over the saplings and rubbing until they break!

    Nice looking grey there!

  2. Too sweet ~ the watching the alpaca in the garden photo !!