Sunday, 1 September 2013

Halter training...and 'show' training begins!

Adlin (L) and Melony (R)
I still haven't made up my mind...but Hubby would like to show Adlin at the Royal Launceston Show in October...registrations have to be in, in the next couple of weeks...but I'm scared - we haven't even been to see an Alpaca show yet!

Hubby with Adlin, Melony following...
My plan was to go to all of the shows this year, maybe volunteer to help at a few, and get a 'feel' for what happens, what to expect etc.  Hubby wants to jump in now with Adlin, as his previous owner has said that he will win ribbons for his fleece.  I'm inclined to let Hubby have his way, as HE will be the one in the ring! I am thinking about it, we decided to give the cria more intensive halter training (different terrains, used to noise, picking up feet, checking teeth and 'bits' and then some trailer training).  We started this weekend with walking the four cria in pairs, up and down the 'road' outside our farm (actually a track) and wouldn't you know it, our neighbour was busy chain-sawing nearby so 'helpfully' provided some noise.

 Tegan and Poppy went first.  Poppy is the worst, she has inherited the anxiety behaviours from her mum (Boo - our grey), and is reluctant to walk...but this was more 'training' for us than them...

Hubby walking show Poppy how it's done..

Poppy - 'Whats that noise?', 'What's that?..a rock..', 'Wait...what's over there?', 'Where's Tegan??? Arghhh' (Note the stiff front legs...lots of coaxing and TLC needed here!)

Tegan and hubby...still walking...

Hubby walking a traumatized Poppy back (she was MUCH better at walking back LOL)

Then it was Adlin and Melony's turn.  Much better behaved, although they behave like they are glued together.  As I was walking them, I wondered how on earth we are going to clean Adlin's fleece if we are going to show him?  I even thought I might have to have him for a few sessions with my afro comb...
Melony (front) and Adlin

Adlin (L) and Melony
We are planning to attend the Royal Burnie Show (weekend before Launceston Show) so that we can see how the show is run...but we still have to decide if Adlin (and Hubby) are 'show material' LOL :D


  1. Your halter training looks better than mine - I still have one who will only walk with a friend - and not very well even then!
    Yes - go to the show, mostly it is fun! Take photos!

  2. I hope you go !
    There is a first time for everything .
    PS Thanks so much for the kind comment !

  3. Yes, I am with Rosemary...go you will enjoy it....especially if hubby is the one in the ring!

  4. Definitely enter the show - they're geat fun! Re: Adlins fleece, you can try and see that his paddock is 'clean' from grass bits and hay etc. so that he doesn't have dirt to roll in.

  5. 'Goforit' - and good luck! Shirley & Robbie

  6. Definitely 'goforit', have fun..

  7. If Adlin's fleece is good, the judge shouldn't mind a little debris...after all all the finest fleeces seem to collect some! Good luck!

  8. Go to the show, it's fun, you'll learn a lot and meet lots of great people!

    About the fleece, don't comb it. That will mess up the organization and might make him show worse. Just leave it. You can pick off some of the bigger things but really alpacas are supposed to be shown in "pasture condition" and that means with debris.


  9. WOW they are so cute !
    I'm happy to find your lovely blog

    Best regards from Sarajevo

  10. Was checking back to see if you made it to the show ? :)

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments and advice :) We decided that we would not be showing Adlin this year, but will leave it until next year (for many reasons - that I have just blogged) :) I'm afraid that I feel to under-prepared, and I would then just be stressed rather than enjoy it. Instead, we are doing all of the Tasmanian shows next month, getting some signage sorted...and looking for some gorgeous male to service out lovely new girls :) Thank you again, your support and comments are greatly appreciated :)