Saturday, 21 September 2013

No Show...but getting ready :)

Adlin - as clean as he can get...
It's been extra busy here with the sun showing up amidst the downpours...and everything has decided to grow at once.  First things first - thank you to all the lovely people who encouraged us to lodge Adlin into the Royal Launceston show...I didn't!

But...I will next year! After a few discussions with Hubby we decided that we are just not ready, and having never been to a show before it would be more prudent to go and see first.  There were other small things like not having any signs made up yet, not knowing really what to take and you know...our prize Alpaca looking like a door mat (yes, one that has had a couple of hundred boots wiped on it after a mud run).  Never mind about picking off the 'bigger' bits...Adlin needs to be vacuumed!

'I am in fact...solid WHITE..not fawn with brown tips!'
Our farm is boarded with ghost gums, so we have branches, leaves and bark everywhere (especially at this time of year after the winter storms)...there is no chance of a 'clean' paddock! Add to that the billion mm's of rain we have had, and we live on natural springs, so even on the hills there is mud!! Poor Adlin...he has no hope of remaining clean and tidy (but I will remember not to comb him!).  We decided that we will need to re-do the paddocks to smaller pens, and then we can keep a few 'tidy' to put in the show Alpacas for next year (and if Adlin's fleece is any should still be good next year).  We will be going to all of the Tasmanian shows over the next I will look at set-ups, get some signage information and...I am looking for THE stud male to join with our gorgeous new girls.
'WHAT?????What's wrong with ME??' - Eclipse
In addition, I need to learn how to skirt a fleece correctly as soon as it has been sheared and start sending samples off to be analysed. Of course, the only skirting/fleece workshop by AAA was held a half hour out of Hobart (3.5hr drive away) on a day that Hubby was working ARGHHHHH! I will have to approach you tube or something...