Saturday, 21 September 2013

WooHoo! Spring in Tassie :)

Magnolia in the rain
Flowering apple tree
Yay...although we still have the fire on mornings and night (will I ever get used to being cold?) is WARM during the day! I'm not the only one who just wanted to enjoy the sun either...

Lucky - playing dead

Girls -  enjoying mowing the back lawn
All of the Alpacas seem to be in better moods (not Eclipse..he has decided that he hates Hamish and takes big bites of his all of the boys have been reinstated in the back paddock, far away from the girls to see if that helps...Hamish is due to be wethered with Sherman in November...hopefully Eclipse won't do the job instead!).  The girls have stopped fussing and spitting on each other, a few sported lovely green 'scarves' at times..and have taken to just lying in the sun :)
The boys - Eclipse, Sherman, Hamish and Chinook- Looking for the girls.
I am so behind with the gardening...2yo isn't as helpful as he was - always running away I had other volunteers help me out...

and then it was too nice to stay we headed for the city...

Meanwhile in the city...
OK, I will admit...I wanted to 'do a Lucky' and just lie there in the sun... Launceston City - Tamar River


  1. The Tamar river looks quite pretty .
    Sounds like you have been a busy bee !!

  2. Your 'beasties' look as if they are enjoying a bit of Spring weather. Shirley & Robbie

  3. Warming up for you - cooling down for us!
    Just catching up with your blog - glad all is going well.