Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Possum no.15!!!

Cast - Possum number 15
This little chap has been visiting the laundry via the cat door for the cat biscuits.  He has been very elusive, we have been trying to capture him for a week and he has managed to set the trap off without being caught.  Now I know why...he is a big one! 

His back must brush up against the top of the trap and set it off, before he has fully entered it.  This morning however, there he was, a very angry boy.  When we catch a possum, we move the trap to the shed (so that the cats don't come out and laugh at the possum) and cover it over until it is time to take it in the car.  That way the possum is less stressed.  Some possums accept some apple and have a drink of water too! 

They look really cute, but they are quite ferocious and will attack a cat or small dog for food.  They have huge claws, especially on their back legs, and climb trees (where they live).  They eat fruit and flowers and cat biscuits!  We are trying to work out how they know, and why they are so audacious, as to enter the laundry!  We can't close the cat door, becausee one of our old cats is now so old, he gets confused when the door is shut and will sit outside all night in the cold (silly city cat!).  So the cat door is propped open and in troop the wild-life.

This one had a huge temper tantrum, lunging at the cage - so I left him to calm down.  When I came back, he was much more subdued.

We will be taking him to the 'relocation' area, which is the bushland about 15min drive away.  LOL, he will join the other 14 possums that we have relocated in the six months that we have been here.  The possums travel well in the back of the jeep, covered in an old towel.  Once we have reached the destination, they are released and run off up the nearest tree.

Every night, Husband (sometimes Daughter) and I walk down the road (twice over) for exercise.  This takes us about 50min, and we have to walk with a torch.  It is amazing what we see.  Last night we saw these two cheeky possums in the tree on our neighbours property. 

Cheeky male possum
Cheeky female possum

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