Thursday, 26 July 2012

Chickens - released on parole

Cast - Curious, Gorgeous, Penny, Rasputia, Tufty and Priscilla
The girls are growing up at a fast and furious rate.  They look forward to their breakfast (kitchen scraps from the previous day), and just like children they eat the the best bits first (oohhh, a mouthful of apple muffin) and go back later for the vegetables.

 They had been banned from leaving their haven, as on previous excursions a few went missing in action, and had to be retrieved during the night or dived upon and bought back having lost their way.  They have spent a few weeks in their garden, and so we thought we would grant them parole for their good behaviour.
Well, as you can see, they were so excited!  They took off at full speed up the paddock, and after their run, they scratched around furiously next to the grey water outlet, uncovering trophies such as shredded carrot, a sultana and a few lumps of dubious looking potato.  In addition to their breakfast, they must have thought this was such a score!

Whilst we were halter-training, the girls decided that they would offer moral support, so we were joined in the pen by six chooks.  Needless to say, the Alpacas were not too impressed, especially when the girls found the treat bucket and decided that 'third breakfast' was in order and helped themselves to the chaff and muesli mix! I shooed them out, and they decided to then play hide and seek in the stable (next to the pen).  This put the Alpaca's off their game even more, as they could hear the hens scratching around but couldn't see them.

After halter training, we sat in the sunshine to have our lunch.  This is when we realised that the girls could possibly have eating disorders, they just wouldn't leave us alone and even flew up to try to snatch a sandwich!  The girls seriously need to learn some manners!
After an afternoon of free-ranging, the girls came back to their garden when I called them, and every chook was accounted for.  Clucking amongst themselves, they were probably discussing their next meal (or feeling slightly sick from consuming so much), but were all safely roosting in their mansion for the night.

The family then had a (also slightly sickening) discussion on the fact that the girls ate the scraps and then we eat the eggs (so not to worry too much when 21mths won't eat his dinner - he will eat an egg so therefore has eaten his dinner via a chicken - eewwwww), then 14y.o son talked about the girls eating slaters and everyone but Husband was put off eggs for a few days!

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