Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Goats for a while (21mths is butted!)

Cast- Me (Mum), Husband and 21mths
Starring - Jack and Jill, two Boer goats

Last Saturday we were delivered two goats from a friend from Husband's work.  She said they are miniature, but I think they are quite big!  Meet Jack and Jill...

we are going to have them for a couple of months to help us with our blackberry assault program, whilst Husband's friend tries to find us some of our own.  They are really hard to get here, and very expensive!  No wonder, if they eat blackberries then they are an asset to any farm.

Of course, 21mths has no fear, and both goats are de-horned.  21mths in the height of his current control 'enthusiasm', demanded that he feed the goats.  We let him, but he struggled to hold the bucket up and refused to set it on the ground.  All was good until Jack decided to put his head in the bucket too, whilst Jill was still having a munch, and the pressure forced the bucket to the ground.  A full-scale tanty ensued, with stomping feet and shouting at the poor goats!  21mths tried to rip a head out of the bucket, but he will soon learned that goats are stubborn LOL!
Finally one came back up for air, and 21mths was able to gain control again and hold the bucket.
 Once the goats had finished their breakfast, they roamed away to munch on some grass.  21mths, so enthused that he had fed them, decided that a 'high 5' was required and promptly slapped Jilly on the backside.  Jilly turned and butted 21mths in the chest, and before he knew what was happening he was seated in the paddock!  Crying from shock, he wasn't hurt at all, he stood back up and re-bulit his self-esteem with a cuddle from Mum.

Husband then leashed Jack and we walked them both (Jilly just follows), up through the chicken garden and up to the back paddock.
They were better on the lead than the Alpacas!
Although we have to tether one, the other always stays so they are together aawwww!
Late that afternoon, we took both goats down to the Alpaca paddock, thinking that Alpacas are herd/guard animals that frequently look after goats and kids. Well...
I had to laugh at the stand-off and the braying 'intruder' alerts from both Voddy and Lucky!  The girls sounded like donkeys and bravely stood behind Sherman and Hamish (offering a sacrifice?).  The Alpaca's were united at last, against a common enemy!  Three days later and the goats are 'at work' during the day eating blackberries around the farm, returning to the Alpaca paddock at night, and the Alpaca's are still scared of them!!


  1. LOVE the mini farmer's beanie!!! He so looks the part and is so cute!! Where is Dad's?? Also love the photo of the stand-off in the paddock. Sounds like a great story for a children's book (which would have to included a farmer wearing a chicken beanie!).

  2. The kids bought 21mths the beanie during their recent trip to Melbourne. Very cute! He has a monkey one too. The stand-off in the paddock continues, but the donkey-bray has stopped :)