Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Halter training continues...

Cast -  Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter
Starring- Hamish & Sherman

Day two...well, it went better than day one although the improvements are only slight! 
Hamish wasn't happy that he had his halter on all night, but he allowed me to stroke him whilst he was eating and we quickly hooked up his lead after a cursory 'feel up' of his little legs and muzzle.  At least he didn't spit :)  He didn't immediately flop down, but just stood with his head lowered.  I talked to him, and he didn't move, so I gently tugged the lead and he collapsed to the floor.  I pulled up his fleece at his tail, and he stood up quickly and I moved one step forward and he reluctantly followed ( OK - defining 'reluctantly'... two locked-straight Aplaca front legs and a slide across the wet grass on four feet).  I only took one step and praised him profusely, whilst he glowered at me and then bent down (with the lead on) and ate some grass!!  We repeated this process twice more, with the same results but only one more 'sit-down'.  Again, we ended with him standing as I was stood by his side with the lead loose. less 'sit-down', no spitting and whilst training he eats (at least he isn't too stressed!).  Slowly, slowly!

Sherman didn't want to be caught as usual, and Hamish realised that his turn was over so he casually ate out of his bucket whilst we tried to herd Sherman.  This was another change for Hamish, as he usually joins Sherman in skipping around the pen, so the intelligent little bugger has it all worked out!  Just ot keep him on his toes, I kept giving him a pat as we passed and he didn't mind but kept on eating.  Hamish will soon resemble a barrel, I will need a trolley to move him rather than a lead!  With Sherman caught, he quietly allowed up to attach his lead and went immediately into 'head-down' position.  Much the same as yesterday,  but Sherman had improved by not bucking or struggling today, and he reluctantly (like Hamish) took three separate steps.  We removed Sherman's lead and halter with lots of praise and he too, went back to the food bowl as if nothing happened.

In all, less struggling and less stressed Alpaca's who seem to know what we are going to do but are unclear of what is expected.  I would love to get hold of Kayjay, and use her as a model, but I haven't developed a trust rapport with the new girls yet.  Today both girls ALMOST put their heads in their buckets whilst I was holding them (the buckets), but refused at the last minute.  However, they did eat by my feet from their buckets whilst I talked to them, so they have improved too! :)


  1. That's great !! You are getting there slowly but surely keep up the effort and good work (Janine in Perth)