Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hobart visit

Cast - me (Mum) and Husband

OOhhh, a day trip to Hobart and back was a really appreciated break (even though it was because Husband needed another endoscopy at the Hospital) without kids!! 
We set off at 7am, just before 21mths woke up and having woken up Daughter and giving her the baby monitor ('gee - thanks Mum!').  By 9.45am we had driven through some beautiful countryside and arrived in Hobart.  The drive down reminded me of the drive from Perth (WA) to Margaret River, whereas Hobart reminded me of Fremantle on a much bigger scale.

It was cold and we had two hours before Husband was due to the hospital, so we had a quick look around town.  Yay! There was a DOME!!  Whilst Husband was swallowing his camera, I, like any good wife, went shopping :) After he was all done, we drove back across the state to arrive in Launceston for 7pm.  What a day!

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