Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Naughty Hamish continues...

Cast - Me (Mum), and the naughty 6mth old Alpaca, Hamish.

Yesterday Hamish was thoroughly in disgrace for spitting at a 3y.o friend who came for a play-date with 21mth old. 
I did forgive him though, as he didn't know the little boy and the 3y.o did run up to him.  Today, I was prepared for all to be forgotten.  After working hard clearing the top paddock, getting it ready for our Alpaca stud male, we were ready for a break.

21mths had gone for his nap, Daughter and I grabbed the feed buckets, a chair each and a cuppa.  The two girls were fed and stroked, and the boys had their bucket in the pen.  Cuppa finished, Daughter and I went in to complete the daily task of handling the boys.  Hamish stood in his usual way as I approached, with his tail slightly lifted and ears slightly back.  I can usually stroke his back and neck while he stands there.  Today however, he made the 'uuurrrkkkk' noise and spat in front of him (I was at the side), so I grabbed a good hold of him as he spat again and again.  I knew that after yesterday's escapade, he thought that spitting was a way to avoid being petted!!  So Hamish was held onto, and after I had told him off for spitting, I talked to him quietly and petted him until he stopped struggling.  Once he was calm I let him go.  

After a couple of minutes I walked up to him again, and he put his ears back and face up like he was going to spit.  I warned him to behave and that I wouldn't put up with his spitting, then reached out and stroked him again without holding him.  This time he let me without the spitting.  I repeated this again and his behaviour was much improved. He then went back to eating his chaff, and was back to his old self.  Honestly, not much different to children!

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