Sunday, 15 July 2012

A visit to the snow!

Cast - Me (Mum), Husband, and kids.
Husband, 14y.o, 18y.o and 21months.

Today is cold, wet and windy (unusual to be windy!), so of course we decided that we would find Mt Ben Lomond (pronounced 'Lomon') so that the kids could see snow for the first time.  The ski resort has just opened, but the last snow was 30th July.  The report told us that there were patches of snow but no good for skiing.  Regardless, we went for a look.
After the hairpin turns, we finally got to the top (so the journey from home to Ben Lomond was 45mins) and it was COLD.  The kids had three minutes to look at the snow before it started snowing, then hailing!  The wind was so bitter that it stung and poor 21mths started to cry.  We made a mad dash for the cafe.
Once inside 21mths cheered up considerably as we told him he could have chips (such a long way to go for a basket of hot chippies!).  We all warmed up with hot chocolates.  As the cafe/bar was cosy, we decided to go back outside and brave the weather for a look around.
It was even colder, and 21mths was not impressed!  I let him down to have a quick touch of the snow, but he wasn't interested, the poor thing just wanted to be picked up and cuddled.
So we trooped back to the car to make the trek back home :)
Take me home Daddy!


  1. Thank you, it made a change to the halter-training! :)

  2. It looks freezing! 21 month old looks very relaxed waiting for hot chips!

    1. Hehe, I think he was in shock! Mum and Dad had made him sit in the car for so long (all of us listening to Wiggles), to then get out in freezing conditions (snowed and hailed upon) and then rushed up to the cafe and seated in a small, overcrowded room! He really didn't know what was going on!

  3. Love the photos! You all look so so hAppy xx