Monday, 20 August 2012

Happy 15th Birthday!

Cast - the family
Starring - 14 y.old Son who turned 15 
Happy 15 Birthday! The Birthday boy and his sister (Birthday boy hates having photo taken!)
It's hard to believe that time can pass slowly and incredibly fast all at the same time.  It is also funny that when your child celebrates a birthday, it is you that actually feels older!  Happy Birthday to my middle child who turned 15 on Monday!  

We actually celebrated his birthday on Sunday, so that his grandparents could come over for dinner.  The events of that day were not as we had planned, as I will cover in my next post.
Hmmmm, dinner...well we would all like to go out for dinner but no-one wants to risk the tanty toddler!  We decided to stay home rather than have dinner out, but we have booked a long weekend (two weekends from now) in lovely Hobart for the whole family - so we are all looking forward to that.
Grandma and Granddad show 22mths the party blowers
15y.o son wanted what all teenagers!  He is buying himself a bow and arrow (LOL, That particular conversation started with ' Mum, I know you wont let me buy throwing knives', to which I answered ' You have that right'.  He then said ' So, can I buy a machette? It would really help me cut the wood for kindling', to which I spluttered 'No!!!', so then as he had already warmed me up, he asked ' Well, can I have a crossbow then?'.  Needless to say we negotiated it down to a bow and arrow set with 15y.o making himself a target).  When he gets it I will take some photos (which hopefully won't include 22mths standing against a tree with an apple on his head LOL).

22mth was very impressed with the balloons, party blowers and the sparkler candles, and much less impressed with chocolate cake which he smeared up the high chair and threw on the floor discreetly.  He had though, worked very hard the previous day to make his big brother a birthday card...


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