Thursday, 25 October 2012

How the new girls are going...

Maddie with some spinach

With the warmer weather, the girls have been making the most of it and sunbathing.  Maddie and Allie have settled in well, Maddie is happy that she is no longer the bottom of the ladder, but Allie still keeps her in her place.

What have we got here??
We can feed both girls by hand, and they both enjoy bucket time.  Allie will let me touch her to do a body condition score, Maddie growls but will let me if I insist - and then runs off LOL.
KayJay enjoying the sun
Our old cat Rastas is 15y.o!  He is deaf and a bit senile (he forgets that he has eaten, then tries to eat more causing him to vomit, and then eats again as he has made room eeewwww!).

Anyway, he has sudden suicidal tendencies as he loves to walk behind reversing cars, or lay in the way of oncoming tractors.  We are always on the lookout for him.  If he sees us however, he likes to follow us, slowly but surely.  Yesterday he followed us through the garden and out into the paddock.  We didn't know he was there, but the herd did!
Who is THAT behind the gate???
From L to R - Acua, Maddie, Allie, Sherman, Hamish, Malibu, Vodka, KayJay and Lucky
Acua - herd guard, stands at the fore!

Rastas - has forgotten what he was doing...
Hamish explaining that it's just the cat!


  1. Ha Ha! I had to laugh about the alpacas noticing the cat. Happened to me just this morning. I was trying to do morning grain for our alpaca girls in the dark, and they were not one bit cooperative. Then I noticed our barn cat on the other side of the fence. Silly how a cat can make the entire herd of alpacas turn and look and watch and even ignore grain! Silly.


  2. Great pics of your herd - Maddie is a lovely colour and Rastas is a lovely looking chap too. We have a 16 years old moggie called 'Pansy Potter' - drives us mad trying to keep up with her demands for food - which she then doesn't bother eating! Take care. Shirley & Robbie