Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy 2013 (some Alpacas in disgrace!)

Happy New Year!  I am so very happy to say that Poppy continues to do very well :) I am very excited - our stud will be delivered next weekend AND...we may have two (or four) new arrivals soon :)

Hamish - 'Oohh, this is nice!' Sherman - 'It's NOT nice, I want to go back with the girls! I don't want to be stuck with YOU!'
Anyway, with so much testosterone flying around his little body, Hamish has been in disgrace every five minutes with everyone!  Poor Sherman has bourne the brunt of it, with Hamish trying to mount him, bite him and neck wrestle at every opportunity.  The girls have just had enough, and with Malibu trying to feed Poppy, we thought it might be high time to move the boys into their own paddock.
Hamish - 'Ohh, we still get treats' Sherman - 'If I just sneak off while he isn't looking...'
Hamish - 'We are MENFOLK now Sherman' Sherman - 'Whatever...'
It will be a week before Eclipse and his wether Chinook arrive.  This will give the two young boys some ample opportunity to explore the paddock and get their bearings before they are firmly put into their place!  We have taken out the dividing fence of our two back back paddocks, and with felling some small trees, we have a large paddock with some great 'runs', and not to mention the best views on the property!

Of course, Sherman was not happy, it is afterall, all Hamish's fault and now he is locked in with just him for company.  Sherman spent two days crying at the gate, through which he knows leads to the girls.  We have a large paddock separating the boys and the girls, with the house too in between.


  1. All the very best for your 2013 plans, Lisa. Some lovely views at the McQ place! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Happy New Year Lisa...2013 looks like its going to have an exciting start!