Saturday, 19 January 2013


Well...if we were a little dubious about this method of confirming pregnancy, we are no longer!!  I can't believe the attitude of the girls' to Eclipse just a week later (although, I have seen similar actions undertaken by jilted girlfriends in pubs, sans the spitting, but a glass of wine in the face is along the same lines!!).

We bought Eclipse in to see the penned Vodka.  She was giving him the look of death from inside the pen, as he trotted in expecting the warm reception he received last week LOL!  I wasn't too comfortable with the stare she was giving him, so I cleverly opted to stay out of the pen, out of the way.  Well, he hadn't even begun his charming orgle, when she unleashed a spit that flew meters up into the air which landed all over him, and me with a few of the girls standing outside the pen!  She was volcanic! The kicks and spits continued as Eclipse tried to mount her - give him points for trying to continue!  She would not have it! He was spat on time and again, while Husband was chasing them both around trying to clip the lead back onto Eclipse and drag him off.

A couple of days later it was KayJay and Boo's turn...
Boo and Eclipse with Husband bravely trying to 're-capture' Eclipse and attach his lead.
Everyone covered in spit. The good news? Yay, Boo is pregnant!
Husband wondered why he had the pen job so I explained that I would never had been able to pull Eclipse off.  Poor Eclipse, no action!  Poor boy, he must be so confused, a week ago they were all over him and this week he is utterly rejected (and probably frustrated)!  Never mind, the other girls will be sheared on the weekend, and they will all be ready for him next week. 


  1. Bet you can't wait to see the births of those cria!

    1. LOL, I can't - and now such a long wait! I am really interested to see what colour Eclipse and Malibu (Light grey) make, as Eclipse usually 'continues' the colour of the female. My calculator bets on solid white (33%), with medium brown, solid black and rose grey. Yet Boo mated with a solid white and she produced Poppy (Dark brown/black with white marking on her face)! Waiting to see what comes out at the end is very exciting!