Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The veggie beds...

Well...we were so chuff with our raised veg beds, that we just gazed at them for a couple of weeks with nothing in them (we were supervising the Alpacas' love-lives every night, and then getting showered in spit during subsequent spit-offs!!).

We finally got motivated and bought seedlings to plant.  The beds looked lovely with little seedlings carefully planted (strawberries, snowpeas, capsicum, tomatoes, spinach, corn, bok choy, lettuce, caulies and broccoli) in little rows.  I carefully dusted the little darlings, talked to them and left them in the heat after a good watering.

The next day they were all bloody gone!  Like an idiot, I thought that the beds would protect them from the rabbits and possums, but didn't think about the 'turbo chickens'!  The little S****'s jumped up into the bed and pecked out all of the seedlings.  Turbo's are Tasmanian Native Hens and can run fast, hence their name, they can hit 48kph!!

They even pecked off the capsicum and the Jalapenos!! Well, some of them would have sore bottoms the next day, there was diahorrea all over the floor next to the beds LOL!!

So then, on the next trip to town, I had to buy netting and more seedlings.  I re-planted with the help of Daughter and Husband, then netted every bed.  Today I have been weeding and dusting...this is where we are at...
Broccoli & Cauliflowers

Bok Choy & Lettuce


  1. Replies
    1. LOL, I seriously can't believe they ate the Jalapenos!!!!

  2. We need a photo of those Turbos!!

    1. I have a photo of one lurking at the top of the paddock, spying on me as I weeded the beds, but it is too blurry. They are too fast to get a good photo of, but they are 20cm high and look a bit prehistoric!! I think because of our current drought situation, no grass in the paddocks, they are eating anything!

  3. Hey they look great! We lost our raised beds during our 'makeover'. Despite the fencing and wood for the low level deck in that pen falling through, they took them away anyway. All Charlea's veggies that were growing were ripped out. Yes netting is a must with chooks about! Never seen a 'turbo chicken'? You must take a photo if you can - interesting! Good luck with your new seedlings, they're looking great!

  4. The plots are looking great Lisa - do I see a little scarecrow in some of them? Turbo chooks sound like real problems - good job our rabbits aren't turbo charged! Shirley & Robbie

  5. Haha turbo chickens. I'm imagining something like Roadrunner. Time to set up some Acme traps for them.

    Love the scarecrow in the background too.