Thursday, 21 March 2013


Tegan - wet & soggy
Well...not today - blue skies...but yesterday!! I just love the weather in Australia - it is all or nothing!  Four months of drought broken by five hours of non-stop torrential rainfall, but hey, I am NOT complaining!! The animals of course, may have thought differently...
The poor boys, I still haven't made them a shelter (they do have alcoves of trees), as I have been too sick.  Hamish just gave me 'the look', I did apologise and tell him that it was the 'job' of the weekend!
The girls do have shelter, but they prefer to sit in the rain until I entice them in with some hay.

and the first one in is Acua, followed by the others...

The creek overflowed and we had an outdoor pool!

Even the girls didn't want to venture out!
Hopefully we will get some more rain over the weekend, and the farm will start to 'green up'!


  1. Sometimes I think the 'pacas like being out in the rain Lisa, maybe it washes their fleece or something. Hope the rain helps to get the green shoots going! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Welcome to the Rain Club! It's torrential here - and cold!