Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter/birthday post

As well as it being Easter, it was my birthday :)  2y.old was very happy this weekend, although he had trouble understanding that it wasn't his 'Happy', it was mine! He soon cheered up with his Easter eggs!

Daughter made a cake...and 2y.old was caught up in the festivities (and too much icing!!).

Husband took me out to lunch (no kids or Alpacas!), and the next day we went to St Helens (fishing town about 2.5hrs away).

We saw and stopped at some 'heritage' places on the way.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Lisa...LOVE the cake!

  2. Your looking really good Lisa, glad you had a nice birthday your cake looks yummo, the town you visited looks nice too, missing you all Janine x

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Sorry the best wishes are late - behind with reading blogs!