Friday, 26 April 2013

The best EEVVAAALLL eye!

Continuing on from my last post of grumpy pregnant Alpacas...I looked through all of my photos and have decided that the white females definitely give a great evil eye!  The other girls don't do too bad, but that soul-searing look can only be gained from a white female alpaca...take a look and see what you think..

Malibu in full fleece...not bad...
Malibu shorn...a better evil look!

Allie...runner up
Vodka...just shorn
The winner of the best EVVAAALL eye - Vodka!
And then there is the disgraceful fighting (in front of the kids), over the buckets!  This is Malibu and Ambrosia having a spit-fest/wrestle whilst their cria (Poppy and Tegan) stand to the side looking awkward!

How embarrassing!
Muuummmmmm! Stop it!!


  1. I think whites and lights generally have a high opinion of themselves...they are certainly the ones that give you 'a look down the nose' here!

  2. Hilarious, ladies with attitude. Great photos.

  3. We have also had a lot of neck wrestling going on!
    Malibu looks gorgeous!

    1. I'm so glad that you wrote that Rosemary...I was beginning to wonder if I had the worst-behaved females in the world! :)

  4. HEE HEE They are too funny ...and cute. Our black and white shetland pony can do a pretty good evil eye when she puts her mind to it! :)

    1. LOL...maybe it's the females of any species? :)

  5. Love the neck wrestling shots - thought it was only unruly boys who did that, not ladies! Shirley & Robbie