Monday, 27 May 2013

Say goodbye boys

A sad, quick post...I had to say goodbye to our Angus steer...there was simply not enough grass for them (due to the drought) and we were starting to pay more for the hay than we had for them!

Obstacle course...hay on a steep hill, male Alpaca's in the way...reminding 15y.old that he was there to help me load hay, not play with the boys!!

I was also struggling to get enough hay to them, having to cart it in the car trailer with 2.5y.old, it was taking up a substantial part of the day (plus it was in the top paddock and that it a mean hill!).

A farmer nearby scored them for a low price, but after speaking to his wife, I was happy to let them go.  She said that she appreciated how calm and tame the boys were, obviously well looked after and bucket-trained.  She said that she would keep them in a house paddock, as they were smaller than the others that they have, and continue to feed them with a bucket.
It took two weeks in total to move them as we didn't have a cow ramp, so the boys had to be cajoled and herded up a ramp into the truck - and they were scared!!  We finally said goodbye, and the boys were on their way to their new home :(


  1. They've gone from a good home and are now in another good home - you can't do better than that! Shirley & Robbie

  2. It sounds as though you could go and visit the boys in their new home if you miss them too much.

  3. Sounds like they have a good new home.

    Hills and trucks - we have them too! With the rain we are still having ours are very slippry!