Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cria and cats and more....?

Tegan & Melony

It's difficult to type with a busted's difficult to do anything LOL!! Besides being very busy with Speech Therapy with 2.5y.old, I have had a difficult time with managing everything at home with one apologies for the lack of blogging!!

This afternoon I was giving the Alpacas their bucket feeds and the (bloody) cat decided to stir up trouble.  Jasper was rescued from the litter that had been dumped in the blackberries by 19y.old Daughter (now residing at uni in Hobart) and he thinks he is human.  Wherever I am...he is there...and he is a pain as he always stirs the girls' up (especially when I am halter-training).  The cria decided that they would inspect him up close...
Tegan decides to get a closer look, Melony hides behind the pen fence
Jasper - out of his comfort zone
and then out of sight!
What was THAT all about??
Ok...I will admit to it...I have been twisting Husband's arm about some Alpaca's for sale!  They are Accoyo's...I know, I know...I said no more but... (there is always a BUT), I am addicted you see and I want just a few more...ok..there's FIVE of them BUT it would be a good deal really!!! Fingers crossed...I am working on him LOL!!  OHHHH somebody STOP me!!!!

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  1. Good luck I expect that you will get your way...I am afraid I have no remedy for the addiction!