Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fleecy choices - Happy Easter!

Not the Easter bunny, but good to cuddle anyway!
I was up early this morning, well we all were, as little man decided that 6am was a great time to hunt for Easter eggs! Luckily the Easter bunny had gotten up even earlier and had hidden eggs!! Happy Easter :)

Just a gripe about work (well, wouldn't you if this happened?)...I have completed four days, and yes, it did get better (so thank you for your kind comments of support/commiseration)...but...a very big BUT...the Education Department only pays me for five hours, and I am there from 8.15-3.15pm.  I called payroll and they said that they pay maximum of five hours and I have to negotiate with the school about my hours (tricky, seeing as I had already worked two days at that point)! So, I approached the registrar and said that I had only been paid for five hours and had worked seven.  She stared at me for a couple of seconds, and then said 'the relief hours are 8.15-3.15'.  I politely said that I knew the school required me for those hours, but I was only getting paid for five and had to negotiate with the school about it.  She stared at me and repeated SLOWLY 'the relief hours are 8.15-3.15. Well, fearing for her safety I went back to the classroom!!  When I got home I rang HR at the Department and asked what I could do about the situation, as surely I couldn't be covered by insurance if I was on-site unpaid, and I don't work for free! HR agreed, and helpfully said that I should contact the Principal.  Requiring these things in writing, I promptly emailed him the whole scenario and will hopefully receive a reply by the end of the school holidays.  I probably won't get called back to the school...but I did notice the Principal's job was advertised...ALMOST enticing to think I could possibly be that registrars' boss...but not enticing enough to apply LOL!
Cruising Launceston
Also, I had a week of outings with my Granddad who flew over (with my Aunty and Uncle) from Manchester!  A great week but a sad ending, as this is the last time that he will fly over (he is 85).

Ok, onto the bit where I need advice!  We are two months off weaning, and about three months off show-time.  I was thinking of taking five of the cria, but I'm not sure if their fleece is up to par.  Especially troubling is deciding who is better between Chance and Chester, or if either are any good.  I am also looking for potential studs...again, I'm not an expert with the any advice is good! I apologise in advance for the photos...I was dodging spitting Mum's (the Mum's have all gone a bit over-protective of their four month olds for some reason...maybe they know what I have planned in two months time)?  Oh, and I included Adlin and his fleece, which seems to have improved a bit!
Ceymour's fleece

I really like Ceymour's fleece, it's very springy and he has lots of it.  Ceymour was our experiment of mating a Champion black female (Acua) to a Champion white male (Eclipse).  The result was this gorgeous brown boy.  Now Acua's fllece stats weren't too great, but she is getting on and she is black, so I am not sure if this bub is good enough to show?
This is Cocoa on the side...

Cocoa's fleece and she had LOADS of it!
Cocoa is a light brown female, and although her fleece doesn't look very good, it is super soft but has a very fine is similiar to her half-sister Tegan, who has a 17micron and 4.0 SD fleece. It's confusing!!
Tegan's fleece, low microns but the only 'paca to not receive a ribbon in last year's show????

Just getting in a quick squeeze of Chai whilst his mother is distracted
Chai has crimp that goes all the way to the ends!
Then there's the lovely Chai...oh, and yes...I just couldn't resist the cuddle as I 'check' fleece :) I'm not even sure what colour Chai is...light fawn, fawn...very tricky!
'Dirty' Chance
Chances' fleece - suprise!
OK, I'm not sure about Chance...he is white, when I part his fleece it is white but on the photo it shows up as light fawn?  I'd like some advice about who has the better fleece between Chance and Chester (to follow) as they both 'feel' so different.  Chance has the density that Chester lacks, but his fleece doesn't feel as 'fine' as Chester's.  It's very springy and crimpy too.
Chester's light fawn fleece (looking white), but I pulled it a bit too tightly!
Chester lacks the density of Chance (and is six weeks younger), his crimp is similar to Chance (but I pulled it to tight in the photo), but he feels just super-soft! Do I go for super-soft and crimpy or dense and crimpy???

Just to round it off, I am going to take Adlin to the show, he received a third in class ribbon last year, but his stats weren't too good (19 micron) BUT we need to decide if he has the goods to stud, or should he be wethered (and I will wait for his next fleece stats)...however, his fleece 'feels' better this year (he is 18mths) I thought I would throw in a couple of photos of Adlin too...
Adlin's 'improved' fleece?
Adlin with Hubby (and a watchful Mercedes)
Looking back on these photos, I am amazed by just how different every fleece is! No wonder I am confused.  I've flicked through all of my 'paca mags, and re-read the fleece stories/information, but to be truthful, I'm not sure who is 'good enough'...if any at all?  All cria are Eclipses' progeny with the exception of Adlin.  Any feedback??? It is all appreciated!!!!!! :)


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family what a sweet first photo.
    As I sit here sipping my coffee studying the fleece pics ( and by the way having absolutely no experience whatsoever with Alpacas or their fleece) for fun I will give you my opinion .
    I think the adult I would pick to crochet a sweater from is Ceymour from the looks of his fleece.
    Baby Chais fleece to me even so young look like he is a beautiful ball of yarn in the making :)
    So there you have it my uneducated but crochet feeling opinion ~ lol

  2. I find it hard to judge fleece from photos - particularly when I am viewing them on this notepad thing.
    Looks like you have some gorgeous colours.

  3. Lovely fleeces. I like Adlin's best! Good luck deciding!

  4. I am going to agree with Rosemary here, too difficult to tell density and fineness from a photo...let's here the judge's comments, after all that is what showing should be!

    Good luck!

  5. We're not really up on fleece stats etc - but the photos are lovely, especially the first one with 3y.o. Go for the Head's job just to spite the registrar, Lisa! Shirley & Robbie