Monday, 30 July 2012

Chickens - in disgrace!

Cast - Curious, Gorgeous, Penny, Rasputia, Priscilla and Tufty

Well, what can I say?  Three girls are in total disgrace!  After four days of free-ranging, three of the ladies lost their way and Rasputia refused to return yesterday!

I keep feeling sorry for the girls, even though they have a huge garden of their own, and I relent and let them out into the paddock.  For the last three days they have been really good, coming back to lay in the mansion, and not roaming too far away.

Yesterday however, we couldn't find three of them.  Rasputia was under the house and refused to come out.  She is so naughty, she gets into trouble and can't remember how to get back.  Maybe chickens have short-term memory problems?  An hour later Daughter, covered in cobwebs and dirt and muttering under her breath, caught the naughty chicken and threw her over to her garden.

Tufty was in the front garden and I have no idea how she got there (apparently she didn't either as she couldn't make her way back), she was stressed out - clucking away to me when she saw me, even bobbing down before I got to her as if to say 'Help! take me back to the others!'   She was carried in disgrace back to her garden. 

Penny was no-where to be seen (or heard) and we thought she would have to spend the night out.  She found her way back into the roost before Husband closed the door for the night - lucky!!

Today they all made a mad scramble for the gate as we went through to breakfast everyone else, and looked so disappointed that they weren't allowed out.  Yes, chickens can look disappointed :)  I am remaining resolute in my decision though, there were only three eggs yesterday instead of six which means the three naughty girls have laid their eggs somewhere and we can't find them.  I only hope that some vermin take off with them and they don't crack and go off (under the house eeewwwww) and then stink!

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