Monday, 6 August 2012

Rising early

Cast - Me (Mum) and 22mth old.

I am AWAKE!!!!!
Some of you know that 22mths is a VERY early riser.  Maybe he thinks because we know live on a farm, he has the farmer's life?  Recently he has been getting up as early as 4.30am, this morning was 3.45am!!!!!!!

I do try to leave him to settle himself initially,  then I have to put his dummy in and get him to press his 'glo-worm' to sing him back to sleep.  After about half an hour, this fails and he sings for a while, before the singing becomes so exuberant that I worry we will get complaints from neighbouring farms!  As Husband it the full-time worker, 14y.o has school, and 18y.o has Uni, I get up and try to keep this little man quiet until a more sociable hour.
Let me out!
It is during the dawn hours that we read his entire collection of 'Spot' books (and recently look at his brother's old Star Wars book where he thinks Yoda is a dog and woofs), play with his tool kit and and matchbox car collection then finally watch some Thomas...anything to keep him quiet so that the rest of the house can sleep.  Lately however, even Thomas is failing to entertain for long, and at 5am 22mths is doing (loud) calisthenic dives from the couch and has no interest in anything!  I have tried the Olympics this week as we haven't been very well with colds/coughs, but although 22mths likes to watch the basketball, he has little interest in anything else (and he is sick of the swimming).

About 6.15am Husband emerges, and 22mths is very happy that 'Daddy' is up.  Husband takes over for a while so that I can at least get dressed, and feeds 22mths breakfast.  By 7am the entire household is up, but I feel like going back to bed!  Next break isn't until 12.00, when 22mths goes down for a two-hour (fingers-crossed) nap.  This is then the opportunity to do things around the farm that can't be done when he is toddling around.  This week I have been busy clearing paddocks and chainsawing.  Rising at 2.00pm, 22mths will eventually go back to bed at 6.30-7pm.  It is a long day!

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