Monday, 6 August 2012

Working around the farm - clearing

Cast - Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter, 22mth old son
Little Farmer

There is never 'nothing' to do!  Even though we have been a bit sick this week, Daughter and I (with 22mths 'support') have been painting the hallway and then clearing away some of the overgrown garden.

Had to get rid of the 'mustard' coloured hallway!
Of course, the support from 22mths means that he gets soaking wet, in the way, covered in paint or just decides that he will wander off after the cat.  The jobs then take three times as long, as we are constantly trying to amuse 22mths, and this doesn't include the times spent fetching him drinks, snacks, changing his nappy and his clothes when he gets wet!

We finally cleared some overgrown bushes in the front garden across the driveway, to reveal an old fountain.  After accidently tripping over the pipe-works, we got the fountain to work.  It is gravity fed from the spring, and if we leave it on (especially when it rains) then we have less chance of the creek overflowing.  Well, 22mths was so impressed!  Even though it was freezing, he thought it was great fun to splash around in (requiring three clothes changes throughout the day).  This kept him entertained (although wet) so that Daughter and I could successfully pull out all of the bushes.
However, once I got my chainsaw out 22mths wanted to help me.  He had to wear all of the safety gear, and have a go at pulling the cord on the saw.  Once he realised he wasn't allowed to have any more of a 'go', he went back to splashing in the fountain with Daughter keeping an eye on him.  We pulled out so much, that once 22mths had gone to bed, it took us the two hours just to drag everything up to the back paddock to burn. 
Safety first!
During the rain (and then hail!), we decided to clear the paddocks - as you do!  There are so many branches down, and I was worried about the Alpacas harming themselves when they were in the wood paddock.  During a dry spell, we walked down the road (the paddock was too wet) to gather the branches up and have Husband carry them back on the tractor.
Mum says that I am such a great help!

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