Monday, 6 August 2012

Working around the farm - burning/fences

Cast - Me (Mum) & Husband

The state of the fences has been concerning Husband.  Amongst the tools (toys) that he has purchased since we have been here, he recently ordered an oil dropper.  Woohoo, this is only one step down from a flame thrower and you should have seen 14y.o Son's eyes!  The blackberries have admittedly gotten out of control, and I wonder if it is the blackberries or the fence keeping the cattle in.  As we are about to purchase more steer, we need to make sure that the cows don't escape (again!).

We decided to burn out the blackberries from the fenceline on a cold night recently.  Of course this meant that the glass of wine usually consumed, would have to be taken with us.  I wasn't going to carry two glasses around the paddocks at night, so these seemed a better idea (plus then I didn't have to refill once they were full!).
Two large mugs of wine to go!

18y.o Daughter was at work, and 14y.o Son had the moral dilemma of playing on his computer or helping us was a tough call but the computer won out (this is due to very strict allowances on computer access for him).  This meant that Husband wouldn't have to share the burner, and I could see that he was excited!  Down we went into the paddocks, with the goats and Alpaca's turning up to see the show.  The oil dropper worked really well, considering the bushes were wet, and did look like it dropped liquid fire.  Of course, there were a few close calls as a few trees nearly went up, but in all Husband did a great job.  

The animals weren't too impressed, and the smoke stayed around all the next day, but we could actually see the fence line!  We have booked another night out with the oil-burner soon (LOL, what we do for entertainment!).

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