Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hamish spits during play-date!

Cast - Me (Mum), 21mth old son, 18y.o Daughter, Friend (another Mum), her 3y.o son.
Starring - Hamish (7mth old Alpaca)

Well, we are trying very hard to make friends in Tasmania, but Hamish spoilt the play-date today!  I had invited around a lovely Mum (from Playgroup)and her two children, after previously being to their house for a play-date a few times.  All was going well, the two boys getting along and sharing (21mth old was so excited to have a 'big' friend, he followed 3y.o around everywhere).  3y.o requested that we visit the Alpaca's as we had done previously.  Everyone got their boots and hats on, 3y.o and I had a discussion about how he wanted to touch an Alpaca, and we decided that once I was holding Hamish, he could come in and have a pat.

21mth old lead the way into the paddock, walking brazenly up to Voddy and Boo before I managed to run and get him.  I then had to pick up 3y.o too, so had a small boy on each hip (much to 21mth's delight) and we approached the girls who were eating politely out of their buckets (thank-you Daughter for the behind-the-scenes work :) ).  Voddy accepted a stroke on the neck from both boys, and boosted by my Alpaca's beautiful behaviour, I set the boys beside the pen with Mum and Daughter and I entered.  Sherman was a bit skittish because of the new people, but Hamish stood still and allowed me to handle him without a murmur.  Getting a good hold of Hamish, and whispering sweet Alpaca nothings into his ear, I then called to 3y.o to come in and have a pet.  What I forgot was that 3y.o's are excitable, and the sight of this big 'teddy-bear', cuddly looking Alpaca was too much, and 3y.o came running full-speed into the pen.  Being more anxious that 3.y.o would recieve a kick, I wasn't looking at where Hamish was looking.

Hamish was looking at 3y.o running at him, and his face was on level with 3y.o's.  Before I could do anything, or say anything, Hamish (without the characteristic 'uurrrkkkk' noise of warning), spits a mouthful of pre-digested chaff at poor 3y.o, who gets this straight in the face!  I can't remember what I did, other than grab the poor child and lift him out of the way.  3y.o starts crying, but was really brave, the stench was terrible and his little face was covered in it.  His Mum was laughing nervously, as I glanced muderously at Hamish, who stood there licking his lips!!  I quickly ran 3y.o back to house, talking about scared Alpaca's and Alpaca's who had no manners, and cleaned up the poor boy.  No amount of wipes or Aquim could deter the stench, and I ended up taking 3y.o's jumper off.  He was so good, but he said he just wanted to play in the garden now on the swings.

After profuse apologies to Mum, who was really good about it, the play-date ended.  I hope Mum can get the stench out of the jumper, I hope that poor 3y.o won't suffer psychological damage, and I hope that they come back!  I can't really blame Hamish though, as he was unaccustomed to little ones running up to him whilst being restrained.  I hope that he wont think that spitting equals being let-go....hmmmm, I might have to give him another cuddle today!

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