Monday, 2 July 2012

Oohhh, two new 'Pakas arriving next Saturday!

Cast - Alpacas from Bruny View Estate (Middleton, Tasmania) just purchased 'Bruny View Lucky' - Peruvian Genetics and 'Bruny View Kayjay' - Fancy Genetics. 

We are very excited as we finally get two of the three new Alpaca's from the herd dispersal sale from Bruny View.  These two lovely girls arrive on Saturday, and we are all anticipating the spit-offs for dominance between them and Voddy.  The 'Alpaca Lady' is also going to show us how to halter-train the two out Hamish and Sherman!!!  There are sure to be kisses for both of the boys!!!!!

We will also be purchasing 'Bruny View Eclipse' -  a multiple champion stud sire, Eclipse has won broad ribbons at every show attended.  Eclipse comes to us in December, after he has finished his agisment assignment (it's a tough job - stud Alpaca)!!

I will let you know how we go on Saturday :)


  1. I'm sure with your background you will have all of the Alpacas behaving beautifully, although I am uncertain of your experience with studs!!

  2. LOL, not much experience with studs I'm afraid! :) ABA in practice though, pairing edibles with social reinforcement and being petted! Such cupboard love, Vodka only comes to me if I have a bucket, so I'm not sure if can schedule R+ and try to phase them out!