Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A wet week.

Cast - Me (Mum) & 22mth old
Starring - Alpacas and chickens

'Inside' jobs!

It has been very wet this week and rained non-stop since Saturday!  Today was the first rays of sunshine - and we all eagerly piled outside.  Whilst it has been raining (pouring!), we hadn't been able to get out to the Alpaca's often, they were soggy and looked miserable.  There is a huge double stable filled with hay, but none of them will go in!  We got out as often as we could, but it was only a quick visit.

Soggy Hamish
Today we were able to feed and handle them all.  I even got a kiss on the ear and cheek from Vodka (I admit though, I closed my eyes in case she spat - she never has at me - but she is big and a bit scary!) We haltered Hamish and Sherman and we took them for the first time through the gate and on to the road.  Hamish' ears were straight up as he looked everywhere at once, and got a bit scared of the fence over the road LOL.  Sherman just kept his huge eyes trained on Hamish and refused to look around.  They did very well and we are pleased with them.

22mths had been to a birthday party on Sunday (Happy Birthday Lorelei!!) and when he came home he had the opportunity for some craft activities, so he worked very hard to make Father's day gifts.

When he was bored with that, there were babies to feed (he has been playing with his friend Lucy and her dollies!)

The chickens however, had been plotting an escape and executed their master-plan yesterday.  15y.o told me to look through the front window, and there was Curious and Gorgeous!  What were they doing in the front garden, and HOW did they get out?
We grabbed them and went to look.  They had dug under the fence (with a spoon?)!! 
 LOL, escape from Alcatraz?? So 15y.o filled the gap with rocks and I guess the girls have gone back to the drawing board and are plotting behind chicken mansion.
Cheeky chicken!
We are off to Hobart for three days over the weekend - a welcome break! Wish us luck with a two and half hour car trip with two teens and a 22mth old!!!! :)

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  1. Ha! I can sooo relate to the escape plan.. chickens are past masters at it! Had to smile at 22mnths feeding his 'babies'. My sons did exactly the same though they would never admit it now, lol. Good luck with your trip! Enjoy the break hun... Spring is in the air = more work *sighs* but we love it really... hehe. ~ Jacqui