Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Alpaca on her way!

Cast - Alpaca Woman, Me (Mum)
Starring - Bruny View Acuaria (Acua) female Alpaca
Sire - Cartrefelee Trippa, Dam - Cartrefelee Callista

How exciting, we have purchased another female Alpaca - this lovely girl is solid blue-black!  
We will negotiate her arrival when we return from Hobart (and Alpaca Woman returns from Melbourne).  Acua (pronounced Aqua) is the last female of the dispersal herd, so when she arrives she will know KayJay and Lucky. 

Hmmmm, Vodka is definitely pregnant, but I'm not sure about Malibu!  Boo looks the same size as KayJay and Lucky, whereas Voddy is the size of a bus!  Both girls are due in December apparently, and they will be sheared in November so we will hopefully have a better idea then!  We are currently on the lookout for two wethers to keep Eclipse company in December too!

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