Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A long weekend in Hobart Day 1

Cast - Me (Mum), Husband, 18y.o Daughter, 15y.o Son & 23mth old Son

(As I have lots of photos to share, I will write this blog over a few 'days')
"Some' of Hobart - the view from Mt Wellington

Well, we made it and the weather was beautiful!  Warm sunny days allowed us to spend most of our time outside :)  It takes 2.5 hours to cross Tasmania, from Launceston to Hobart, and 23mths made it all the way without napping OR stopping.  We did take the laptop and have 'Happy Feet' and of course 'Thomas' on the way which helped!  

Historic buildings - Hobart is the second oldest city (after Sydney)
Our first stop just outside the city was at MacDonalds, 15y.o was joyous about the fast-food treat, it has been six months since his last burger!  23mths was just as joyous as he was able to play on the playground.  Husband and I 'coffee'd' up in an attempt to support our next leg through Hobart to the Salamanca Markets.
Salamanca Square - convict built warehouses are now shops and cafes.
Check-in to the hotel wasn't until 2pm, and we planned our arrival for 10am (and made it!) so that we would be able to go to the Salamanca markets (open ONLY on Saturday).  The markets were brilliant!  23mths loved the music, bands and singers.  He actually sat in his stroller for two more hours, as we walked around sampling the delicious food.  He was allowed out at the fountain, where he and Husband kept a crowd of onlookers laughing with his attempts to get into the fountain and Husband's attempts to keep him out.  He nearly made it a few times, and there was a small roar from the audience (like at the footy) when he nearly went in (head first), and a roar when Husband saved him (just) LOL!  After entertaining everyone he then had a first class tantrum as we got tried to get him back into the stroller - Husband decided just to plonk him over the shoulder and take off to look for a distraction!
Out of the car and out of the stroller...

and into the fountain! Attempt one...

Chased by Daddy...
And another attempt...
We arrived at the hotel (Rydges) at 2pm and checked into our rooms.  Rooms were OK, Daughter and 15y.o had a room three doors away.  As usual I told 15 y.o that anything he ate out of the minibar had to be paid for Hmmmmm, Daughter took this photo... and I took the one of 23mths.

Two naughty brothers - 13 years apart!

After we had spent some time settling in and sorting everything out, we headed back into town to the waterfront (Sullivan's Cove - end point of the Sydney-Hobart race).  Husband admired the yachts and boats whilst we hunted down a suitable (toddler-friendly) place to eat.

Hobart wharf - cold at night!!
We decided on fish'n'chips (much to 15y.o delight!) at the cafe on the wharf.  Husband and I had a well-deserved wine each!

Then it was back to the hotel for showers, baths (and no worrying about the water so much :) ) and bed.  The next day was booked to begin at 7am with breakfast in the hotel!

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