Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A long weekend in Hobart - Day 2

Cast - Me (Mum), Husband, 18y.o Daughter, 15y.o Son & 23mth old Son

Day two - began with a leisurely breakfast (well as leisurely as it can be with a toddler who, like a time bomb, could go off at any moment).

The night before hadn't gone well when our neighbours arrived home at 11.30 - blind drunk after the footy, and didn't settle until 1am.  Then their friends arrived at 4am, so I wasn't worried when 23mths started singing and calling out (loudly) at 5am! By 5.15 'Thomas' was merrily (and noisily) shunting carriages down the track whilst 23mth watched and squealed.  Needless to say, 23mths wasn't too badly behaved at breakfast.
A Tractor, Harold the Helicopter and some muffin for breakfast.

We had planned to visit MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) today, followed by a trip up Mt Wellington - not a bad way to spend Father's Day! MONA entry is free to Tasmanians (Yes! The recognition LOL!) and is called 'a submersive 'Disneyland'...Old and new art displayed with intent'.  After we had been, Daughter told me it was dubbed 'the museum of sex and death'!  Well...I could see why...
Anyway, Art is meant to change the way you feel and MONA certainly did just that!  Husband and I lasted 45 minutes with 23mths, before we had to leave or get kicked out due to his screaming!  15y.o and Daughter were able to linger longer (although they got stuck in the 'poo machine' room), until they too had to come out as 23mths had had enough of the giant chessboard and 'hand' stools outside.  Here are some photos of what I did get to see, I will be looking forward to visiting again (maybe for 50 minutes?!)

MONA is underground, so the galleries are really effective.  Lots of tunnels (with sound!) and galleries mapped out like a honeycomb.  At a few we were stopped by curators and told that the content was explicit (15y.o shielded his eyes apparently!), 23mths didn't like some of the displays (ripped and melted mannequins) and shouted 'Oh-Oh' (OFTEN).  He was quiet however, for about three minutes at this piece...
The piece was water used to spell out words that then dropped into a drain underneath.

It was then time to go as 23mths wanted to get out of the stroller and touch all of the interesting displays!  He had a run around outside.

Mt Wellington in the background
Then we headed up to Mt Wellington (25min drive).  We watched the temp drop on the car's themometer as we drove up, but although it was cold at the summit it was a beautiful day, so we were able to see all of Hobart and out to Bruny Island. 
Hobart Bridge (from the car!)
The Lookout - yes there was snow!
Daughter walking down from enclosed lookout
Partial view of Hobart and Bruny Island
Husband and 23mths in enclosed lookout
What a view!

The video is a little bit grainy taken from my iphone, but the view was outstanding (you had to be there LOL)!
Then it was back to hotel for a couple of hours so 23mths could have a play, and off to Hogs Breath for dinner!
Wishing for a stiff drink!
Enjoying a beer
Enjoying a cocktail
Same old drink of water
Where's my dinner?

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