Monday, 13 August 2012

Guess where you can put rice bubbles and other naughty activities!

Cast - 22mth old
Attack of the naughties!

We thought that the Alpaca's were the naughty ones!  22mths has already started the 'terrible twos', or at least I am hoping he has and he isn't going to get any worse!

The other morning at breakfast, 22mths was served dry rice bubbles (he hates them with milk), toast and slices of apple with a cup of (de-caf) tea.  He started sneezing as I was cleaning up the kitchen, and I noticed him pulling on his nose.  Then I realised that he had stuffed four rice bubbles up there!  Gross!  This was the start of the 'naughties'...

This morning I went to the toilet leaving 22mths alone for a whole minute.  His big brother was making himself breakfast, and when I came back I was confronted with the carnage from one sipper cup of tea...
all over the floor...

all over the couch and the floor...

and an ample sprinkling over the TV cabinet to round it off!
Then, after I had told him off, he was told to help me clean up.  While I was cleaning, he took off, and found 14y.o lunch on the bench and helped himself...

Sandwich - ripped to pieces and strewn on the floor
Two days ago he was quiet for five minutes, and I found him in the kids' bathroom.  He had opened the top drawer, pulled up the stool, climbed up and was eating hair wax with a foundation chaser! Eewww, and he had rubbed both products liberally into his hair just above one ear (problem area?).

It used to be that he had to be watched all the time for safety, but now that we have toddler-proofed the house and garden, we had relaxed a bit - well not anymore!  New latches are being fixed to the bathroom.

P.S. - We had a play-date at our house this morning and 22mths said 'Ball' and 'Lucy' !!!!!!! 11 words not counting family members! :)

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