Sunday, 12 August 2012

WooHoo! Look at us now!

Cast - Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter
Starring - Hamish and Sherman

Look at us now! Walking down the paddock.
The 'Boys' have come along so well!  Although we still have to corner Sherman, both boys simply stand still and let us halter them without any fuss! WooHoo!
Daughter and I can now walk them both down to the end of the paddock before releasing them.  They both like to let us know they aren't happy with the arrangement, about half-way down, by pulling back a little or straightening their legs!  We persist, and they quickly get back into the walking 'routine'.  I am so proud of them, they definitely prefer not to be handled, but they put up with it (LOL for oaten chaff and calf muesli!)

They were both a bit hesitant when some kids went by on motorbikes, and then our neighbour took off in his Cessna! They stopped to watch for a minute and then continued to walk.
Even motorbikes and 'planes don't phase us!

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