Friday, 10 August 2012

Play School Concert

Cast - Me (Mum), 18y.o Daughter
Starring - Playschool and 22mth old Son
It's.....Playschool!!!!! A stunned 22mths!
Yesterday we took 22mths to see Playschool live in Launceston.  After a panic of where to go and where to park, we weren't allowed to take in strollers, so we had to walk for 20minutes along the river to our destination.

Needless to say, lots of mummies with lots of toddlers and babies did not make make for fast walking.  Luckily, we have been doing Jillian Michaels 'Ripped in 30', and although Daughter and I were a long way from ripped (maybe it should be re-named for us 'Ripped in 30 years'?) I was able to carry 22mths and overtake many mummies (likening our journey to the Olympic marathon, with the added weight of a 13 kilo toddler!).

Once we made it inside, there were some lovely ladies selling cups of lollies.  As if the kids weren't hyper enough at 10am!  We breezed past the candy selection and found some free seats.   22mths then had to be managed whilst the million other mummies, daddies and kids found their positions, so he quietly tucked into a biscuit and watched in awe

 Then it was on!  Big Ted was crowned Prince and was looking for a castle with the help of a few million kids.  The event lasted for 45 mins, and 22mths even joined in with Incy Wincy Spider.  Most of the time however, he just looked like this...

I think that he enjoyed it, he spent the last 5 minutes getting silly, I think he had had enough.  We wanted to make an early exit, but the exit was blocked by Mummies dancing to 'Wiggly Woo'!  As soon as the show ended, Daughter and I left at frantic speed and were amongst the first to the finish line LOL :)

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