Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Little Acres Poultry & Lifestyle Rescue

Please help Farmer Jacqui and her daughter Charlea rescue, rehabilitate and re-home many unwanted hens, roosters and 'lifestyle' animals.  

From Little Acres 
'So…despite having the space, and the determination to try and raise our own future funds by producing things from the farm, today I realised I need financial help to keep it all going. Our one income, 4 little acres, and big hearts are not enough. We need your help!  
 I have created a Little Acres ‘cause’ page with the Givealittle site, and have chosen to publicly show the amount we can raise over this next year. This way everyone can see how the funds are doing, and we can show photos of things that these monies donated will enable us to do or buy. They take international payments, and the option is there to donate anonymously as well.'

Please follow this link to read about the great work that Farmer Jacqui and her daughter do, or donate directly by clicking on the link in the sidebar. :)

Your donation, however much, makes a huge difference!

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